If people have always said, “You have a great voice… you should be on the radio”, then why not submit a 60 second read… FREE!  You can write one minute of copy yourself or choose something from a magazine, newspaper or the internet.  Then record and submit.

Here’s how:

Voice-Over Demo File Formats

The universal standard audio file for delivery on the Internet is called MPEG-3 or more commonly known as MP3.

The MP3 file should be encoded at the bit rate of between 128kbps (standard) to 160kbps (medium) to 320kbps (highest) for optimum quality yet maintaining a relatively small file size for delivery over the Internet.

MP3 File Equation

When trying to estimate how large a file your voice-over demo will be in MP3 format, consider this equation. • 1 minute of stereo digital audio, encoded at 128kbps = 1 MB MP3 file

Performing an Online Voice Demo Tips

Submit custom demos or a generic demo if applicable.
Mention your name at the beginning and end of your demo and your phone number as well.

How do I upload a voice demo to the Broadcast Center?

Record and save your voice-over demo on your personal computer as an MP3 file.

NAME: Enter your first and last name.

EMAIL: Enter your Email Address.

PHONE: Enter your phone number.

TITLE: Add a descriptive title that best reflects the nature of your voice demo, i.e. Commercials, Real Estate Listings, Telephone Prompts, etc.

Next, click the ‘Choose File’ button to find your MP3 file that you want to add from your computer.

Click on the “Submit Your Voice Demo” button. You’re done!