All Programs/Training Opportunities

Prospective students are encouraged to review the most current Catalog and associated supplement carefully prior to signing an enrollment agreement. Broadcast Center reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant and to change entrance requirements without notice. It is an explicit expectation of Broadcast Center that all prospective students complete and submit all admissions paperwork carefully, accurately, and truthfully to the best of their knowledge. 

To qualify for acceptance to Broadcast Center, all applicants must meet the following requirements

1. Complete a face-to-face interview.

2. Demonstrate abilities through audio and written examination.

3. Complete and submit an application for admission.

4. Be 18 years of age or beyond the age of compulsory school attendance. For students who finished home schooling at a younger age, BC considers them to be beyond the age of compulsory attendance if the state in which the institution is/was located did not require them to further attend secondary school or continue to be home schooled.

5. Submit an application fee. (Broadcast Program and Advanced TV & Video Production Program only).

6. Acknowledge that the presence of any adverse background activity or positive drug screen may prohibit their participation in externships, career services activities, license and certification eligibility and/or any other program-specific activities BC may require.

7. Self certify the attainment of a High School Diploma, completion of a home schooling program or a General Education Development (GED) certificate or equivalent.