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Over the years, Broadcast Center graduates have gone to work in 49 states and a few other countries. Our grads work in all positions in radio, television and allied fields as well as the corporate and private sector.

John Brown

Sara Dorsey

John Brown

“I knew the reputation of Broadcast Center was stellar in placing students in the industry. I actually ended up getting a job in Miami, Florida before I even finished the entire Broadcast Center program. My first program director said he hired me only because of the reputation of the school.”

Sara Dorsey

Sara graduated from BC in 2002 and has worked at KTSP in Tampa Bay, Florida, CNN and WSMV in Nashville, Tennessee. Hard work and dedication equals success and Sara’s accomplishments continue today.


Steve Savard, KMOV-TV/Rams Radio

"I have absolutely no regrets about entering this business. I think this is the best job anyone could have - that is, if you love sports. I have enclosed a copy of a letter of recommendation I received from my news director in Billings. I think it will illustrate how well prepared I was for my first job in this medium. I think this speaks well of Broadcast Center and its instructors."

S. Smith

"I owe a ton to BC. They schooled me in all of the necessary aspects of my job extremely well. All of the instructors were patient and wonderful. The rest is up to me.."

Here are some more local grads you might recognize.

Monica Adams – Fox 2 News KTVI
Jeff Allen – KFTK
John Aughey – KEZK
Bob Armbruster – KFUO
Dick Danza – The Point
Laurie Beakley – Y-98 & KEZK
John Carney – KTRS 550
Paul Cook – Y-98
John Curtis – Metro News
Frank Cusamano – KSDK-TV
Joe Dinero – Rams football
Gary Duncan – KFUO
Emmett – The Point
Kathleen England – Fox 2 KTVI-TV
Ian The Peon – KTRS
Heidi Glaus – KSDK-TV (“Show Me St. Louis”)
Kent Hall – The Bull
Tammi Holland – Z-107
Brian Hartmann- 106.5 The Arch
Steve Geofferies – The Bull
Kathryn Jamboretz – WB11 KPLR-TV
Maria Keena – Metro News
Derrick Keith – WIL 92.3
John Kelly – Former St. Louis Blues pbp
Steve Klotz – KTRS
Jim Krupp – KJSL
Troy Kueker (T-Bone) – 106.5 The Arch
Madison – K-HITS
Laurie McConnell – K-HITS
Charlie McDonald – KFUO
Sherry McKnight – The Bull
Dave Miller – KFUO
Todd Morgan – The Point
Jenny Olive – The River
Joe Petrovich – KMOV-TV
Chris Pilcic – KTRS
Dody Rahlmann – KLOU
Steve Savard – KMOV-TV and Rams football pbp
Monica Senecal – KFUO
Eric Sontag – Metro News
Anne Steffans – KMOV-TV
Mark Stevens – Metro Traffic (KTRS)
Christy Swyers – 106.5 The Arch
Joe Barrale – WEW
Stephanie Thomas – Metro News
Sue Thomas – KMOV-TV
John Ulett – KSHE, K-HITS, Voice of Busch Stadium
Rick Wallace – KMOX
Kelly Webb – KFTK
Wendy Weiss – KTRS
Kenny Williams – The River
Tim Wilund – KTRS Traffic